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Saturday, May 2, 2009

CLIENT SHOOTS: Boudoir Photo Shoot

I was finally able to schedule a Boudoir photo shoot last weekend. My 5 yr old son was disappointed that he wasn't able to 'help' at this photo shoot. How do I explain Boudoir Photography to a 5 yr old? Well, I told him that I was going to be taking pictures of some women in their underwear and that they were too shy to have boys see them in their underwear. After the giggling stopped (he's at the stage where underwear is funny to him), he seemed to understand and moved on to the next thing in his life.

As the weekend got closer, he told me that he told his teachers that his "Mommy was going to be taking pictures of Mommies in their underpants in the basement". The simplified definition of Boudoir Photography! haha :)

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir Photography is photographing a woman in her bedroom or private sitting room in various stages of ‘undress’. Boudoir photos can be revealing, but they don’t have to be. Sometimes what you don’t see makes the photograph that much more sensual than what you do see. Some people are more comfortable revealing a little more of themselves than others. Boudoir photos are very personal to the woman being photographed.


My goal is to help each woman portray herself in the way in which she feels her most sensual. This is done by providing a comfortable setting (whether that be in my studio or in her own home), ensuring communication throughout the shoot and allowing the client to view a sample of the images along the way to ensure that the proper look is being achieved.


I've found that processing/editing Boudoir photos is more involved than with regular portraits. I want to make sure that I simply enhance the beauty of each woman that already exists and not over do things. Lighting tends to be more dramatic and there is typically more skin exposed. Balancing skin colour from face to body can sometimes be a challenge, especially in the cooler months where the body is typically covered up.


Aimee - High Contrast

I absolutely love it! I can never get through the raw photos fast enough, as I can't wait to show the client her proofs. And once she has chosen her favourites for editing, I can't wait to publish the finals to her private gallery. It is so rewarding when a client is as excited to see her photographs as I am to take them. :)

In addition to individual Boudoir sessions, I'm really hoping that I will be able to book Boudoir Photo Parties. I will be posting more about this in the near future once I update the Boudoir Photography section of my web site. They are sure to be a lot of fun and what better thing to do for a 'Girls Night In'.

I want to thank the 3 beautiful and sexy women whose photographs are featured in this blog post. It was an honour taking your photos last weekend and your patience as I tested various lighting placements was very much appreciated!!

-- Lisa P.


Anonymous said...


First, let me say it was a pleasure working with you last weekend and so much fun!

For those of you that know me know that I am not shy. I am quite comfortable in my own skin and with my sensuality. However as the time came near the apprehension started to grow. I had never done anything like this before. These pics afterall were going to be used to promote Lisa's boudoir part of the business. Oh my, who was going to see them? Would I look good? You know, all those little flaws we seem to have. I was afraid they'd be totally exposed.

Did I need to worry? Did I need to think twice about it? Absolutely not! Lisa at once makes you feel comfortable and at ease. No,those chocolate martini's didn't come til afterwards! There is absolutely no pressure to do any shots you're not comfortable doing. The choice of what to wear, as little or as much as you want, is totally up to you.

Lisa, my hat goes off to you. Thank you! I'm glad I was one your guinea pigs :)


PictureYourWorld said...

1lovely images Lisa! I love that idea of a boudoir party! Mind if I follow suit? It would be a great way to promote the boudoir and get a number of people shot at one time too.

Lisa Piellusch said...

Thanks so much Debbie for such kind words. The photo shoot was such fun, as exhausting as it was for me. It took me a couple of days for my legs to unstiffen! (I didn't think I needed to be in such good shape to be a photographer!!)

I'm glad you felt comfortable, as that was what I was hoping the session would be for everyone. The time went by so quickly it was unbelievable! I'm starting to work on the final versions that the three of you have chosen from your proofs. It's a lot of fun going through them. You all look so great and each of you have a different feel to your shots as well.

Thanks for stopping by to look, Sheba. I totally don't mind you following suit! I discovered the idea many months ago online and have modified it slightly to fit my business. I'm hoping to start populating that section of my site soon with information, pricing and sample shots. I'd love to compare notes with you as we both hopefully generate more clientelle interested in Boudoir. It will be fun to see if there are many differences between our two markets or if American and Canadian gals are the same when it comes to their bedrooms! :)

-- Lisa P.

PictureYourWorld said...

lol! will do!