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Saturday, May 30, 2009


Ben had a friend over for a 'playdate' last weekend. She is such a little cutie and they had so much fun. They wanted to play hide & seek and pirate & shark so they had me running around outside. I figured that if I had to be running around outside I might as well have my camera with me in case I saw something interesting to shoot (surprise! LOL). What I saw were two cute kids (of course I'm biased) having a lot of fun. :D

She was wearing this really cute hat with polka dots and I loved the colours. Here are a few shots from that afternoon, dirty faces, dirty shirts and all. :)

Hiding in the Grass

Heading Off To The Playset

Love That Hat

So glad there were no 'boogers' in there!

A Compromise - Let's blow it away together

I was getting eaten alive by blackflies and had to beg them to come inside for a while. I guess better they chomp on me vs. the kids.

Thanks for looking!

-- Lisa P.

1 comment:

PictureYourWorld said...

I love the one where they are holding hands! So cute! You can bet when he has his growth spurt, he won't believe he was shorter than she was until you show him THIS picture!